Product Guarantee

Timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement and the occurrence of small knot holes or splits in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Any splits, knots or similar visual imperfections in the timber will not affect the structural integrity of the product in any way, are not considered to be damage, and do not render the product unfit for purpose. Whilst every effort is made to hand pick timber without visible knotholes or splits there may be occasions where timber is selected in good faith that contains what appears to be a solid knot.

Over the course of time / during movement of the product etc it may occur that these small knot holes are then dislodged from the timber leaving a small knot or crack.

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for this maturing of the product and can only offer our best advice as how to deal with this situation in the unlikely event that it should occur.

Please note: any guarantee offered does not cover the products against timber splits/ knot holes /swelling or warping. These are natural characteristics of the products and not defects and neither will these circumstances be accepted as a valid reason for the cancellation of an order, as this can occur naturally over time.

Terms & Conditions

Bases –

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the ground under any base is firm enough to support the weight of the base and the building. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their completed base is reasonably flat, level, and of adequate size to fully support the building – sizes quoted are for the floor area unless otherwise stated. We recommend leaving a clearance around the building for maintenance of your garden building. It is the customers responsibility to work out all height restrictions and take full responsibility for any planning issues. It is the customers responsibility to ensure bases are installed in the correct position and once installed they cannot be moved. Dunsmore & sons LTD (Logie Sheds) will not be held responsible for any problems arising due to faulty base work constructed by the customer. Before we deliver your order, it is important that you ensure your site is reasonably level.


Access to your site must be clear and unobstructed when we arrive and prices on our list allow for carrying of panels up to a maximum of 30 metres, due to the size of the panels and to comply with Health and Safety legislation. If access is not clear or the site not level, based on the information you provided on order, an extra labour charge will be levied but you will be notified of these charges. If the shed or summerhouse has to go over any hedges, walls or through houses we need to know about this. Extra charges may apply for this depending on the situation, so we need clear details of the situation. If access is not clear or the site not is not reasonably level on delivery day, there may be an additional labour charge if the guys need to sort the ground out there and then. If they can’t sort the ground out then the shed will be left with you or taken away until the ground is sorted out. Full payment will still be required in the event of either of these happening. If you require us to return and erect the building for you if left, an extra charge will be applied. 

Delivery & Installation – Please check with us or our Facebook page to find out wating times, we usually run around 10 weeks waiting time but you may get it sooner depending on size, spec etc.  We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by any other third party.
If your garden building is installed in the rain or damp conditions, you must ensure you leave adequate ventilation to allow the building to dry. Failing to ventilate the building whilst timbers are drying out can cause condensation or mould to occur. This will produce drips of water inside the building, which can be mistake for leaks. Condensation will also occur on the inside of windows. Leave windows and doors open to air the building on fair weather days. Never use a heater as this can cause the building to dry out too quickly and cause cracks and warping, especially the roof.

Roof Covering – Green mineral heavy duty mineral roofing felt is supplied only with your garden building and not in conjunction with any other roofing material or options. Dunsmore & sons LTD (Logie Sheds) hold no responsibility for damage or lifting of roof coverings due to adverse weather conditions following installation by us.

Planning – It is the customers sole responsibility to check with their local planning authority regarding planning permission for their garden building being installed. Dunsmore & Sons LTD (Logie sheds) will not be held responsible for any problems regarding planning permission (if applicable). Please note bases and bearers will raise the height of the building.

Maintenance – Please remember you will need future access to all sides of your garden building to maintain and treat as required. Timber is porous and requires waterproofing regularly, we recommend at least once a year with an oil based NOT water based wood preservative. It is the customers responsibility to maintain and treat their building.


No deposit required when ordering, unless it’s a made to measure size then we would ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit. We ask for full payment on day of delivery by either card (debit or credit), cash, BACS or cheque (to be made out to Dunsmore & Sons LTD, not our trading name Logie Sheds).  If you would like to pay by card, the guys should have portable card machines where you can pay there and then or by calling our office. BACS details are on the invoice that you will receive on day of delivery. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay on smaller items (treating, felt, kindling etc)
All prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling and inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. Any order that remains unpaid 24hours after delivery still remains property of Dunsmore & Sons LTD (t/a Logie Sheds) even if passed onto a 3rd party and we have the right to remove the building from the property if unpaid.

Alterations to Order
Any change/alteration requests will be reviewed by Dunsmore & Sons LTD (t/a Logie Sheds). You may risk losing your estimated timescale, given on order, and be rescheduled to our current lead time depending on what alterations are to be made to the building. Alteration requests can be sent by email to or pop in to discuss. We reserve the right to refuse alteration requests.

Cancellations –

Cancellations are only accepted by writing (email or letter) and should be made no later than 4 weeks prior to the estimated timescale. If cancellation is not made within this period, then the order will be considered valid and you will remain liable for the full payment or you will not be able to make further orders within the company if balance has not been paid.

Acceptance –

Unless otherwise specified, all items should be signed for on delivery or collection. It is important that you, the buyer, inspect the goods within 7 days of delivery and after that time we will have to consider the goods as accepted. There is no written guarantee as such with the products after the 7 day period but we do come out and repair if it is deemed our fault. We don’t take responsibility for storm damage or fixing to other buildings.

Contacting us:

Address: 58 Market Street, Forfar, DD8 3EW
Phone: 01307 477700